UBlacklist For Firefox 7.1.4 Crack

uBlacklist for Firefox offers great flexibility in managing your search engine results. The browser enhancer has awesome functions for those who need to blacklist certain websites.
About the Firefox add-on and most common use cases
The extension is available for both Firefox and Chrome, therefore it is compatible with the most commonly used browsers. uBlacklist offers plenty of nice features for free, and it is an open-source initiative. This add-on is small in size and allows you to blacklist any website. Once blocked, those websites will stop appearing in your search results.
This instrument is super-useful for a lot of users and different situations. You can use it to block adult content or certain websites on your kids' browsers, to eliminate certain social media webpages and other time wasters for increasing work productivity and focus, or you can use it to configure a purpose-oriented environment on your PC — for example, you could want to avoid wasting time with certain dictionary websites you searched before and deemed unuseful.
An open-source add-on that lets you customize the defaults
Probably the most amazing customization options are the ones that offer users the option to change the defaults of uBlacklist. For example, the add-on is generally advertised for Google blacklisting. However, if you use other search engines like DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, or Startpage.com, the browser enhancer will still block the websites you added to your personal blacklist.
Furthermore, you can backup and synchronize your blacklists in the cloud (Google Drive) and make them available for later use, on different machines. Equally, you can access different preexisting lists or series of lists, anywhere on the Internet, containing websites that need to be blocked. This is a subscription-based model and allows regularly downloading and updating blacklists from any URL.
All things considered, uBlacklist is a super-cool browser enhancer and a must-try. Regardless of your specific needs, we all could use something that narrows down the number of possible results, hides unwanted websites, and helps avoid wasting time on unnecessary content.







UBlacklist For Firefox 7.1.4 Crack+ Full Product Key Free For Windows (2022)

uBlacklist for Firefox For Windows 10 Crack allows you to customize your Google Chrome search results by preventing the following sites from showing in your search results:

– Bad or inappropriate websites
– Websites that compromise your privacy
– Sites that may harm your computer, for example, phishing websites
– Spam websites
– List of words that cause spelling and grammar mistakes
– Third-party cookies
– Malicious or unreliable websites
– Popups

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UBlacklist For Firefox 7.1.4 Free Download [Updated]

✔ Manage your search engine results and personalize the browsing experience.
✔ Hide all search engine results, ads and special webpages like AMP, SlideShare, etc.
✔ Block websites from appearing in the search results.
✔ Block websites from appearing in your browsing history.
✔ Block websites from appearing in the bookmarks.
✔ Block websites from appearing in the address bar
✔ Configure your search engine search and website preferences.
✔ Compatible with popular web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
✔ Global and dynamic blacklist management.
✔ Backup and restore blacklists.
✔ Export blacklists as CSV, HTML, TXT and XML files.
✔ Type and click to quickly access the blacklist.
✔ Personalize each blacklist with predefined keywords.
✔ Easy to use.
✔ Open source, no subscription needed.
✔ Free.
Download uBlacklist for Firefox Crack for free from Addons.mozilla.org.
What’s new in v1.1.4:
+ Added a splash screen.
+ Added filtering categories for websites.
+ Added categories for adding to favorites.
You can now set a different category for each blacklist, in order to access them with a single click.
You can now also create folders to organise your blacklists.
+ Added functionality to disable the shortcut.
+ Added a tooltip when loading a blacklist.
For any questions, comments, or suggestions please write a message to our [Google group]( or our [forum](
Our goal is to maintain a high quality product, but we cannot personally test and approve every submitted request. Please don’t fill out a bug report if you are not able to contact us.

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Oct 16, 2017


uBlock d’amour


uBlock d’amour is an addon for uBlock Origin that allows you to easily block annoying websites.
You can block websites with just a mouse click, using custom or automated rules.
This add-on allows you to selectively block any website, any time, without any effort

UBlacklist For Firefox 7.1.4 Crack+

If you’re tired of all those annoying web pages stealing your precious time and distracting you from your primary tasks, uBlacklist gives you complete control over what websites you visit. uBlacklist is an open-source browser extension that lets you ban any website that isn’t in your own personal blacklist.
It lets you completely block any domain, or restrict access to a specific domain only when you’re on-line. No one will ever know that you were on-line when the blocked site was active. You can also set time limits for domain access and, of course, it’s free.
Why should you use uBlacklist?
uBlacklist is fast and easy to use. Plus, you can ban as many websites as you want. It’s also open-source, ad-free, and doesn’t store any browsing history or preferences.

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How to set up uBlock Origin:

If you are new to using uBlock, you can find out more about it here:

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I’ve just set up a Patreon page to support my channel:

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What’s New In UBlacklist For Firefox?

uBlacklist is an open-source browser extension for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, which lets you block websites or search engines from your personal blacklist.
How to use:
– Manage your personal blacklist with your browser.
– Subscribe or backup to the cloud to get frequent updates.
– The add-on supports almost all most popular search engines.
– Contribute to the project on GitHub.
Visit the website

Visit the project’s website:
Visit the FAQ:
How to contact the author



A user-friendly place for sharing opinions and tips on topics such as “How do I block websites?” or “What software should I use for this?”.
Share your opinion on software and websites to share your best solutions and results with other users and hope to get a few tips and tricks.
If you’re willing to share some of your ideas and tips on the forum, you can join the community and introduce yourself to the other members.

uBlock Origin is a great Firefox add-on for web surfing. This add-on, which was created by the open-source community, is not only the most effective, but also the most popular addon of its kind. uBlock Origin, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, lets you block ads, cookies, and other annoying things on the Internet. However, you can’t say that the software is immune to problems. From time to time, users report that uBlock Origin crashes, or it doesn’t work in specific situations. In the majority of cases, we’re talking about bugs which are being fixed by the developers.
I’ve been using uBlock Origin for almost a year. Therefore, I’m willing to share with you the top 10 bugs and fixes I’ve encountered while using the add-on.
Here are the bugs I’ve encountered while using uBlock Origin:
1. Incorrectly blocked sites
2. Can’t update uBlock Origin
3. Crashes
4. Browser closed unexpectedly
5. Incorrectly displayed content
6. Incorrectly shown website
7. No connection to Google
8. Error displayed while opening a tab
9. Content changed unexpectedly
10. Incorrectly showed search results
Let’s see what fixes these problems:
1. Incorrectly blocked sites
Many users have reported that they have downloaded uBlock Origin version 1.x and later on. In most cases, they’ve experienced an issue related to


System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.9 or later
Standalone and App Store versions are identical
Pro version available through an optional in-app purchase
* Mac system requirements based on the standalone version
The Mac version of Escape Bar was developed by Didier Santos and is available at both iTunes and the App Store. It is a small-footprint game that is easy to pick up and play. But don’t let the minimalist graphics fool you, the game offers a challenging puzzle experience.
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