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QuickFox Notes is a comprehensive and accessible application designed to offer an efficient yet easy method of composing notes using a wide variety of formatting and additional tools. It can be utilized as a standalone program or integrated into Mozilla Firefox browser as an extension. It supports multiple opened tabs and features Google suggestions, encryption system, backup option and optional add-ons.
Synchronize the database using an accessible layout
All notes are stored using the integrated bookmarks system or a single database to save them, and if you have either a bookmark synchronization extension or a file software (e.g. Dropbox, SugarSync, Syncplicity), your notes are synchronized automatically to one of them. It provides a modern and user-friendly interface consisting of only the various tabs and the word editor. The other features can be accessed from the three icons displayed on the right corner of the window.
Write secured documents and customize the content
To get started, you can either import a TXT notation from the computer or make a new one from scratch by typing in the desired content, like ideas, shopping lists, personal or work-related details that can be protected by inputting a password. When you right-click on the note title, you can give it a relevant name and a custom group title, as well as change the name color and style, and mark it as write-protected.
Plus, you have the option to copy, cut and paste text from another source, fix errors with the help of undo and redo buttons, along with the ability to insert the date and time, different symbols (checkbox, greek, mathematical, power, fraction) to customize the content. It would’ve been a good addition if the app lets you enter images, basic tables, hyperlinks or bullet and number lists.
Archive unnecessary records and search for inquires
Another handy function is the Google suggestions that are shown you on the upper part of the panel all the queries tied to particular words. To activate it press the corresponding button. For example, F1 looks on Google for only one word before cursor’s position, F2 searches for the last two terms and so on. Plus, it can be used to calculate various expressions.
The “Archive” tool that adds to an archive folder old or unnecessary memos to free up space into the panel. Other worth mentioning options are documents import and export, find function, check spelling, word wrap, autosave, as well as customizable interface, time format and backup.
All in all

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+Activates the features by single/double-clicking the tab (e.g. “Date/Time”).
+Allows a user to choose what action to perform on right-clicking on any note (e.g. Archive, Duplicate, Copy, Delete, Archive Unnecessary, New and so on).
+Highlights text to add symbols, even codes, if they contain special characters (e.g. ®), like Greek letters, mathematical and power symbols, fractions and so on.
+Users can download the notes saved by this application.
+Search any part of the title or content with the help of Google search (e.g. “Wake up” shows all memos containing the words “wake up” in the content).
+Creates easy shortcuts to a new folder/folder shortcut and “Open in folder”.
+Creates “Links to file in folder”.
+Set default formats and adjust font sizes.
+Add comments to a note and edit them using a word processor.
+Import and export from a compatible file format.
+Check spelling, and enable or disable auto-correction.
+Prefix text with lines numbers, tabs, or special characters.
+Includes a backup option that allows users to save the notes in two ways.
+Creates a searchable text file containing each record that can be used to restore the database.
+Provides multiple tabs that can be accessed from the application’s main menu.
+Users can see the memos saved in a month, last month or last two months.
+Adds support for PDF annotations.
+Works as a standalone application that can be used in any Mozilla Firefox.


WiteMode Plus is a Mozilla Firefox extension that converts all selected text (using CTRL+A) to special wite mode symbols to assist in writing.
After installing WiteMode Plus and after selecting the Convert-to-Wite Mode switch, you can start writing in any document and any application. You can also switch between wite mode and regular text easily.
For more information please visit the official WiteMode Plus website.


Syntax Highlight is an extension for Mozilla Firefox which allows you to use an active language support to syntax highlight selected text.
It integrates with other

QuickFox Notes Free For Windows

Organize and manage notes with various features and purposes. QuickFox Notes is a note taking app which is well suited for fast and free note taking for quick notes, to-do lists and reminders and other such types of note taking.
You can view the notes in a tabbed interface. Using the addon of a note in Firefox, you can browse your notes and quickly access any one of them.
The saved notes are stored in your browser and can be synchronized using your current browser bookmarks or in a designated directory using the syncing extension. The notes can also be backed up to a file or to a cloud service. It allows you to customize the content and to give notes a name.
You can import or export notes to a TXT file. Also you can add dates and time to the notes.
It also allows you to add hyperlinks, images, bullet lists, text boxes, tables, check boxes and custom symbols to the notes.
You can also apply a monochrome or a color theme to the notes. You can perform searches and use the options to search and delete the duplicate notes. It can also be configured to give you one tab as a preferences tab.
You can use Google suggestions and use the search buttons. It supports all browsers. You can add your current location to the notes.
• Add notes with ease
• Archiving of unnecessary notes
• Backing up and restoring of notes
• Import / Export notes
• Creating notes
• Choosing a color theme
• Choose a font, font size and font style
• Free up space by archiving notes
• Get google suggestions for search terms
• Showing the location on map
• Monochrome theme
• Search and delete duplicates
• Searching for notes using keywords
• Time formatting
• Use the search button to filter notes
• Update the browser bookmarks to take notes
• Write notes using various methods


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[Hii, Its QuicksFox Notes For Mozilla Firefox. Quick Fox Notes is a reliable and accessible utility that can be used as a standalone and added as an extension in Mozilla Firefox. It comes with a bundle of tools that help you create, organize and manage notes with various purposes. You can view the notes in a tabbed interface. Using the addon of a note in Firefox, you can browse your notes and quickly access any one of them. The saved notes are stored

What’s New in the QuickFox Notes?

Notes is a program designed to help you take notes in the easiest possible way, all from your computer.
It is a small tool which is easy to use and allows you to create notes which are synchronized to a specific location.
QuickFox Notes is a free and reliable solution for you.
This article was first published in PC World Russia 's review section in April 2012, it is the first time that QuickFox Notes has reached the top of the review, enjoy your stay!

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